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Premium Windows and Doors is not your average window provider and installer. As a result, we can choose the right kind of custom windows that can help your home benefit in various ways. Some of these benefits include earning huge savings in energy consumption by using us for your custom replacement windows or brand new custom windows. Furthermore, you can also increase safety, privacy and security of your home and family by having our window installers put in good and durable custom windows. And, of course, the right windows just look great! It adds to the value of your home.

Other window installers will not have access to the vast amount of inventory and customization that we are able to have and provide. As your preferred premium windows installation company, you’ll find an extensive selection of custom windows to suit your needs and personal style. We offer a vast variety of custom vinyl windows based on operational style, product line, color, shape, decorative hardware, interior and exterior grilles, and accessory options.

Every project is custom and our window installation rates are flexible depending on your particular installation project.  If you have any questions about the type of windows we install, or about budgeting your window installation project, feel free to contact us at Premium Windows and Doors as your choice window installer to get a free consultation and an estimate with no obligations at all!

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Why should I replace my old windows?

Here are a few reasons why you should consider replacing your old, outdated windows with one of our high performance vinyl windows:

  • Low Energy Cosumption: Vinyl windows are a great insulator and help keep the heat contained in your home during the winter time while keeping heat out during the summer. This ensures the reduction of both heating and air conditioning bills. While they are a great design feature, vinyl windows are great at energy consumption
  • Almost 100% Scratch Free: Vinyl windows require almost 0 to no maintenance as they are almost 100% scratch free. Rather than fixing up regular glass windows, don’t worry about ever having to paint or extensively clean vinyl windows because they are free from such harsh elements.
  • Inexpensive: Just because vinyl is an inexpensive window material doesn’t mean that it is a low-quality product. It is incredibly durable with no rust or corrosion issues..
  • Variety: Vinyl window installations are extremely versatile with several sizing and colour options that will blend in with the rest of your home’s design.
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