Door Frame Options – Classic Entry Door Collection

Wood Door Frame available with:

Option 1:

  • Solid Finger Joined Pine Wood Frame
  • Solid White Oak Wood Frame
  • Solid Mahogany Wood Frame

Entry Doors Finishes - Solid Wood Frame
Option 2:

  • Exterior Vinyl Wrap Finish (Interior finger joined pine wood – unfinished)

Entry Doors Finishes - Exterior Vinyl Wrap
Option 3:

  • Exterior Vinyl Wrap Finish (Interior vinyl wrap – white finish)

Option 4:

  • Composite Door Frame available with:
  • Solid Oak or Mahogany grain

Entry Doors Composite Wood Frame

Frame Options – Lifetime Entry Door Collection

Our Lifetime Entry Door Collection incorporates our exclusive all uPVC and aluminum reinforced frame system.

Available in:

  • Full White Vinyl Frame
  • Exterior Capstock Vinyl Frame (comes in Sandalwood, Sandstone, Dark Bronze)
  • Interior Stainable Laminate Vinyl Frame (Oak Grain texture)

Exterior Capstock Colour Options for Lifetime Entry Door Frame
Entry Doors Exterior Colors

Interior/Exterior Staintable Laminate Vinyl Frame

Entry Doors Stainable Woodgrain Laminated

Colour Options

Standard Paint Colour Options

We offer 18 exterior water-based and environmentally friendly paint colour which are weather and fade-resistant.

Entry Doors Standard Paint Colours

Standard Stain Colour Options

We offer 9 water-based and environmentally friendly stain colors that can be applied to fiberglass or wood according to the design needs of your home. These stain colors are solar reflective and bond to the surface, and its non-yellowing clear coat offers not only UV performance but also superb adhesion to the materials.

Entry Doors Standard Stain Colours on Oak Texture

Hardware/ Multipoint Automatic Lock (Salem Grip Set)

The Entry Door Collection features an automatic multi-point locking system.

Entry Doors - Hardware/ Multipoint Automatic Lock

The security of an automatic door lock is something that not only Europeans can take advantage of as they are featured in our North American locks as well. By simply closing the door, the upper and lower latches instantly engage, and to become a 3-deadbolt, all you have to do is turn the key from the outsite or the knob from the inside to engage the 1 inch central deadbolt that locks the top and bottom latches. Besides security, these locks also offer amazing weather sealing and door warpage reduction.

The Salem Grip Set handles which are designed as front entrance hardware are available in Antique Brass, Polished Brass, Dark Bronze and Satin Nickel.

Entry Doors Hardware/ Multipoint Automatic Lock

Hardware/ Multipoint Automatic Lock (Lever Set Handles)

These lever set handles provides the same security as our Automatic Multipoint locking system shown in the Grip Set system above.

Entry Doors Lever Set Handles
Entry Doors Lever Set Handles

The Lever Set handles are designed for use on Front doors, French doors or Patio Swing doors. At Premium Windows & Doors, these handles are available in various series and in Antique Brass, Polished Brass, Dark Bronze and Satin Nickel finishes.

Entry Doors Hardware Colour Options

Hardware Colour Options

Entry Doors Hardware Colour Options

Additional Sill Options

Classic Entry Door Collection also available with additional sill options:

  • Z Series Aluminum Mill Finish Sill, Adjustable Cap with Composite Substrate
  • Available in Satin Nickel, Brass, Dark bronze finishes

Lifetime entry Door Collection also available with additional sill options:

  • Standard with clear Aluminum anodized sill cover
  • Available in Dark Bronze anodized sill cover as well

Hinge Options

Our Entry Doors Collections come standard with ball bearing hinges that combine function, durability and elegant finishes to enhance the performance of your entry system.

Entry Doors Hinge Options

Solar Solutions

At Premium Windows & Doors, our huge selection of glass options will allow you to customize your home’s performance and adhere to it’s look and feel. We also offer glazing options for maximum efficiency through all the seasonal changes.

Entry Doors Solar Solutions


Premium Windows & Doors constantly tries to stay ahead of it’s competition by providing excellent glass technology to sustain itself even during frigid temperatures. They not only insulate the home, keeping the heat indoors, but also let the sun’s heat through the windows while keeping the cold out.


Trim Options

All Premium Windows & Doors products can be customized as per your unique needs. The possibilities are endless with our factory applied accessory options that consist of either standard or custom interior and exterior accessories.

Brickmoulds, Expanders, Nailing Fins, Returns, Jamb Extensions, Couplers

Entry Doors Standard PVC Brickmould

Entry Doors PVC Brickmould

Entry Doors PVC Brickmould

Entry Doors PVC Brickmould

Entry Doors PVC Brickmould

Entry Doors PVC Brickmould

Entry Doors Wood Jamb Extensions

Entry Doors PVC Jamb Extensions

Entry Doors PVC Casting Extensions

Grilles & Divided Lites

Premium Windows & Doors Offers a full selection of Grilles and Divided Lite Options

Grilles and divided lite options add a new layer of customization for your home. We are experts at creating unique elements for your internal grilles or external grilles and can be located in between. For a more traditional approach, you can also have Simulated Divided Lite options (SDL).

Simulated Divided Lites (SDL)

SDL grilles provide a traditional feel of hand crafted windows but with a single sealed glass piece that is applied on the outside of the glass. You can choose from various sizes, patterns and colour options, to customize it however you like for your own home.

Entry Doors Simulated Divided Lite

Interior Grilles

Interior grilles are inside the insulated glass. These grilles have various options such as colors and styles to offer that unique look for your home and doors..

Our decorative panels, made up of leaded, beveled, grooved or tinted glass provide the ultimate architectural look. Caming options include brass, zinc or patina encased between two panes of glass.

Entry Doors Interior Grille and External Divided Lite

Entry Doors Grilles and Divided Lites Shape and Colours Options

mycEntry Doors Finishes & Options