Citadel Fiberglass Entry Doors

Fiberglass Door Panel

Premium Windows & Doors has the perfect solution or those that want the durability and low maintenance of fiberglass entry doors with the look and feel of wooden doors. With our choice of fiberglass entry doors, you can choose from a variety of either smooth surfaces that are ready for painting or from other Oak / Mahogany materials that can be stained to reflect a wooden texture.



Citadel Premium Fiberglass Door Panels

Barrington Series

With our Barrington Series, you can choose a timeless look of luxury with the lasting performance of fiberglass door panels.


Craftsman Series

Premium Windows & Doors combines the durability and low maintenance of fiberglass along with the premium luxurious look and feel of oak or mahogany to fit your home designs.


Sierra & Flagstaff Series

For a slightly rustic look, our Sierra series would be your perfect choice with beautiful arches and a mahogany texture make with our premium fiberglass

For a more unique and contemporary feel, choose our Flagstaff series that is still made with our premium fiberglass, but still offers a distinct ribbon-striped mahogany texture.


Avant Guard Series

For the ultimate combination of wood and fiberglass, choose our Avant Guard series – so aptly named because of it’s gorgeous design and construction that still doesn’t compromise on quality or durability.


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