Door Installation GTA

Custom Doors

Doors are the entry-way to your home, making the initial first impressions to all those people coming in and out of your home. Having a custom door says a lot about the care and attention to detail that you have towards your house. Even after the first impression, door ways are places you go through everyday as you come in and go out from your home. You want this are of your house to really shine and reflect that kind of characteristic that you envision it to have.

Premium Windows and Doors has been specializing in Steel, Fiberglass and Wood panel doors for a number of years. Because of our many years of experience in custom doors and installation services, we have built a reputation for making some of the finest quality custom entry doors in the Toronto and GTA area. Because of our reputation, you can be rest-assured that your projects will handled with the utmost attention to detail and quality.

Standard & Custom Configuration

Every home is unique and so are it’s door installation requirements, measurements and designs. Because we understand this, all our custom doors can be made and installed according to your home’s requirements, as well as the ability to have custom shaped transoms and side lite units to match your custom doors.

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